Saturday 16 May 2020

Manohar Chimmani Film Coaching Online | Eng

Wanna become an Actor on Silver Screen? 
Or wanna become an Assistant Director or Script Writer?
Even you wanna become a Film Director directly? 

YES, this is POSSIBLE!  

> No prior experience is required. 
> You can enter Film Industry and create miracles... even as a FRESHER!

Anyone can learn anything and everything ONLINE in this Digital Age.   

Join my passionate premium ONLINE COACHING in ACTING, DIRECTION & SCRIPT WRITING and Enter Film Industry Easy! 

This is not a free service. THERE WILL BE FEE. 

You need not reinvent the wheel and waste a decade waiting for chances in films. Learn from the experience of yours truly Manohar Chimmani, state Nandi Award winning Writer and Film Director, and jump-start your career in Film Industry in almost no time.  

Inside this Online Coaching you will learn:

🎥 How to UNLEARN routine film institute stuff
👍 How to KNOW and LEARN what exactly industry wants from you 
💯 How to CRAFT your perfect PORTFOLIO as an Artist/Technician  
❤️ How to basically CONNECT to Industry even before you enter Industry
🚀 How to ENTER FILM INDUSTRY during or immediately after the coaching

So, If you want a NEW, EASIER, BETTER, RELIABLE and FASTER approach to enter Film Industry and jump-start your career in the Tinsel World... Then WELCOME HOME, this Online Crash Coaching is for YOU! 

I have to spend so much of my time for this one-on-one Personal Coaching Online... and There Will Be FEE.   

If you're really very serious about your career in Film Industry, and can afford Fee... plz feel free to WhatsApp me for more details.

I’m excited to have you in my Online Coaching...

Welcome to Film Industry!

Manohar Chimmani
Nandi Award Winning Writer and Film Director
Life Member, Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce
Life Member, Telugu Film Directors’ Association

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For application & fee details: 
WhatsApp: +91 9989578125

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